The Many Benefits You Can Expect When You Decide to Whiten Your Smile

Learn About Benefits of Teeth Whitening Burlington in Burlington Area

Are you hiding your smile because you hate how your teeth have become yellowed or discoloured? If so, you should see your local dentist and ask if they offer teeth whitening treatments. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that has skyrocketed in popularity and availability over the past decade. People worldwide are getting brighter, whiter teeth with a simple in-office treatment. Dental patients in Burlington, Ontario, visit Dr. Thelam Nguyen at Tansley Woods Dentistry. Dr. Nguyen offers both in-office and take-home whitening treatments to his patients and understands that each patient’s needs are unique. Because of this, he will offer a treatment … Continue reading

What to Expect from Recovery Following a Soft Tissue Graft

Finding Soft Tissue Grafting Dentist in Burlington Area

Have you seen your dentist recently only to learn that you need a soft tissue graft? There is no need to panic. Soft tissue grafts are more common than you think and will restore the protection your teeth currently lack due to gum recession. If you want to restore and enhance your smile in the Burlington, Ontario area, you should consider visiting Tansley Woods Dentistry. Dr. Thelam Nguyen would love to explain what a soft tissue graft is and what you can expect from your recovery from this restorative dental procedure. Receding gums affect so many people around the world … Continue reading

What to Expect When it is Time to Get a Dental Implant

Qualified Dentist Replace Missing Tooth in Burlington Area

It is estimated that around 3 million Canadians are missing at least one tooth that has been replaced with a dental implant. This number is expected to keep growing by about half a million per year as more patients are turning to the benefits a dental implant offers over other missing teeth replacement options such as dentures and bridges. If you are looking for a dentist who offers teeth replacement options in Burlington, Ontario, you should reach out to the friendly team at Tansley Woods Dentistry. Dr. Thelam Nguyen and his team would love to talk to you about getting a dental implant and help … Continue reading

How Your Invisalign Treatment is Impacted By Not Wearing Your Trays As You Should

Invisalign Teeth Treatment in Burlington Area

Are you seeking an orthodontic option that does not require metal brackets and wires like what is needed for traditional braces? If you are in the Burlington, Ontario area, you can reach out to Dr. Thelam Nguyen and the Tansley Woods Dentistry team, where they offer the Invisalign clear aligner treatment system. When you begin your Invisalign clear aligner treatment, it will be recommended that you wear your trays for 20 to 22 hours a day, every day. If you neglect to follow these treatment guidelines, you could face complications. Complications could include delayed results and discomfort. Discomfort In the … Continue reading

Why Taking Time to Visit Your Dentist for Preventative Care Could Save You Time And Money Later

Preventative Dental Service in Burlington Area

If you only take time to see a dentist when you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to a cavity or some other dental health issue, you are doing your dental health (and your pocketbook) a disservice. While many of us lead hectic lives, seeing your dentist for a regularly scheduled exam and cleaning can save you time and money later. Patients in the Burlington, Ontario area trust their preventative dental care needs to Dr. Thelam Nguyen and the team at Tansley Woods Dentistry. Early Detection Seeing your dentist for regularly scheduled exams and cleanings is cost-effective and time-saving. It … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider a Full Smile Rehabilitation for Restoration of Functionality and Aesthetics

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process in Burlington Area

Is your smile due for a makeover? Maybe you have allowed your smile to reach a state of disrepair with substantial tooth decay. In some cases, significant physical trauma to the mouth can lead to a need for a makeover. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a new start in the Burlington, Ontario area, you can trust your dental health to Dr. Thelam Nguyen and the team at Tansley Woods Dentistry. If you want to take your smile back and restore it to health and an appearance you will be proud of, you should consider undergoing a complete … Continue reading

Stay on top of your oral health game with Preventive Dental Treatments

Preventive Dental Treatments in Burlington Area

Optimal oral habits do more than keep your smile in tip-top condition – they keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent you from incurring costly restorative treatments. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to neglect preventive care, especially when it comes to dental health. After all, you probably feel your teeth and gums are pretty healthy. So, why bother with tedious oral care? At Tansley Woods Dentistry in Burlington, Ontario, it’s our mission to give preventive care priority above everything else. Instead of waiting for dental issues to crop up, we devise a proactive approach to keep oral challenges at bay. … Continue reading

The benefits of brightening your smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Dentist for Professional Teeth Whitening in Burlington ON Area

Ever dreamed of having a brilliant, bright smile that lights up your face? If your answer to that question is “yes,” the good news is that you can count on professional teeth whitening to give you beautiful pearly whites you’ll be proud to show off. While whitening strips and other store-bought whitening products can do the job, Tansley Woods Dentistry in Burlington, Ontario, advises that you should only have your teeth whitened by a dental professional for the following reasons: Personalized treatment The whitening trays in store-bought whitening kits are a generic fit. As such, they could either fit your … Continue reading

Why Dental Implants are the best choice for replacing missing teeth

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Burlington Area

If you have missing teeth, several options are available to replace them. You can opt for dental bridges or dentures to complete your smile. While these teeth replacements work, they aren’t as solid or aesthetically appealing as your natural teeth. And that’s where dental implants enter the stage. In Burlington, Ontario, dental implants from Tansley Woods Dentistry replace your tooth from crown to root, providing the feel and functionality similar to your natural teeth. Why dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth Missing teeth isn’t just a cosmetic flaw. It affects your ability to eat properly and causes bone atrophy, … Continue reading

The choice is clear, patients love Invisalign® for straightening misaligned teeth

How Invisalign Works in Burlington Area

In a world where a beautiful straight smile is closely related to happiness, good health, and even success, it’s a good idea to straighten your teeth if you have misalignment issues. Perhaps you wore braces as a child, but after years of not wearing retainers to maintain your results, your teeth have shifted out of position again. You might now be wondering how you can start wearing traditional metal braces at your age. The good news is that at Tansley Woods Dentistry in Burlington, Ontario, we offer Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably. How Invisalign® works Invisalign® works like traditional braces … Continue reading