I Have Missing Teeth! Now What?

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When we are missing our front teeth, we will do everything to have them replaced because of cosmetic reason. But when it comes to back teeth, these teeth get a really bad rap. “I am missing my back teeth, so what”, “Nobody sees them”. These are the typical answers I hear from patients all the time. And to be honest, they are not totally wrong. For aesthetic reason, our back teeth are not really needed. However, having teeth are not for aesthetic alone. It is for aesthetics, function, comfort and biology. By not replacing posterior teeth, you are missing three … Continue reading

The Importance Of A New Patient Exam

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The most essential and beneficial appointment at my clinic is the New Patient Exam. A Core part my dentistry philosophy is centered around complete oral care. Many years of my experience go into the diagnostic process, I prepare a long term treatment plan, present and discuss this treatment plan with the patient before we even begin clinical treatment with the patient’s consent. Because of this, it cannot be a quick in and out appointment. It’s never a “quick cleaning” or a “quick filling”. I cannot provide the best possible oral care for you without meeting you, properly diagnose, and recommend … Continue reading

Replacing Missing Teeth

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Your teeth are designed to work together to help you chew, speak and smile. When one or more of these teeth are missing, it can be very difficult to do those things. When your back teeth are missing, often teeth will start to drift and shift and affect the way your teeth come together. This will force you to compensate and adjust the way you bite which will have a lot of other consequences. Some examples are uneven wear of other teeth, and TMJ disorder. Fortunately, missing teeth can be replaced. The following are three options for replacement. Not all … Continue reading

Children And Sleep Disordered Breathing

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One of the things that I assess during every examination of our young patients is their breathing. I call it an ‘airway exam’. At Tansley Woods Dentistry, I have a series of pertinent questions that I ask the parents in order to assess their child’s breathing when they sleep. I usually get a blank stare, as I know they are thinking, ‘What does breathing have to do with my kid’s teeth?’ Well, breathing is crucial but breathing the right way when your child sleeps is important, especially when they are young. Nasal breathing, breathing through your nose, is optimal. Your nose … Continue reading