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Fall is back to school season for many students everywhere from kindergarten to university. This time of year is extremely busy for many students and also parents so the priority of dental health and wellness is put by the wayside. Students are struggling to find time for proper dental hygiene, thus during the school year, Many dental problems can arise. These back to school dental tips can help you stay healthy.

  • Regular dental examination checkup. Parents should call your dentist to schedule a checkup appointment for your children. This will ensure your children will have great dental health before the busy school year begins.
  • Set a specific time to brush and floss your teeth. It is recommended that you brush after every meal and before going to bed. Flossing is recommended once daily. The best time to floss is right before going to bed.
  • Pack healthy foods and drinks. Since most students do not bring toothbrushes to school. You should pack a healthy lunch. Cheese and fruits (apple) are great for your teeth. Avoid packing sugary foods that can eat away your teeth all day at school. Avoid beverages that have a lot of sugar and carbonation. Bring a refillable bottle of water is an excellent way to stay hydrated all day.
  • If you play contact sport at school, a well-fitted sport guard is highly recommended to prevent painful and usually costly injuries to your teeth. Researches have also shown that wearing sport guard will minimize the incidence of concussion. Over the counter sport guard is acceptable however; custom sport guard made by your dentist is much more comfortable, highly effective and more likely to be worn by a student.

We hope these dental tips will help you stay healthy and maintain your overall good dental health. A healthy smile is a smart start to a new school year.

Good luck in your school year students. Your future is bright.

Dr. Thelam Nguyen DDS, FICOI

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Dr. Thelam Nguyen
Dr. Thelam Nguyen

Dr. Thelam Nguyen, a distinguished dental professional, combines a solid educational background with over two decades of dedicated practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry. Dr. Nguyen's expertise extends to Implant Dentistry, Periodontal Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Adult Orthodontics. He is a respected member of prestigious dental organizations, embodying a patient-centered approach at Tansley Woods Dentistry.