Parents in Burlington, ON ask the Dentist If Teeth Whitening Is Safe for Their Teens

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Everybody wants a smile they feel confident in and proud to show it off in public. One of the most popular features of a smile is its colour. If you are looking for a bright and sparkling smile but instead are dealing with teeth that have become yellowed over time, a professional teeth whitening treatment may be exactly what you need. For those in the Burlington, ON area looking for a dentist with great success in revitalizing smiles, you should visit Dr. Thelam Nguyen and the team at Tansley Woods Dentistry.

No matter your age, your smile is important to you. In the world of teens, where the social landscape can be savage, if one loses confidence in their smile, it can affect their social life. But are professional whitening treatments safe for teens? As a parent, you desire the best for your teen, but you also want to make sure all procedures are safe. The good news is that teeth whitening treatments provided by your dentist are perfectly safe for teens.

Teeth Whitening Treatments for Teens

Many dentists offer both in-office whitening treatments, which utilize powerful whitening agents for immediate results and take-home kits, which use custom-made bleaching trays. Depending on your teen’s needs, your dentist will recommend the best path forward for teeth whitening. Many dentists will want to try take-home trays first as the chemicals used are not as strong, and many teens do not need a dramatic change. Even still, you will want to follow the instructions of your teen’s dentist to the letter. Without taking appropriate precautions, whitening agents can aggravate sensitive teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Image

Smile Gallery before after image 12 at Tansley Woods Dentistry Burlington, ON for Teeth Whitening

Overall, teeth whitening treatments have been proven to be safe when performed under a dentist’s supervision. At Tansley Woods Dentistry, Dr. Nguyen will work with you and your teen to determine if they are suitable for teeth whitening treatments and then make sure all precautions are taken to ensure the treatment is delivered safely and effectively.

To learn more about teeth whitening options for your teen, please call (289) 273-4289 today to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Thelam Nguyen
Dr. Thelam Nguyen

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