Routine Dental Visit Benefits that Can Ensure You Have Excellent Dental Health

Routine Dental Visit Benefits in Burlington Area

To have healthy teeth and gums in Burlington, Ontario, the best oral care and hygiene begins at home. However, regular preventative dental care can go a long way towards saving your teeth and keeping your gums healthy.

Having your teeth cleaned regularly is essential. However, seeing a dentist for a routine dental visit is more than just getting a dental cleaning. At your periodic dental visit, you’ll experience several different benefits.

Why Preventative Dental Care Is Essential

Nearly everyone knows the importance of good dental care, but many people tend to be reactive about dental care instead of proactive. What this means is that it’s not a good practice to put off visiting the dentist until you have a problem. Instead, regularly seeing a dentist can lead to healthier teeth and gums.

It seems we are living busier lives than ever, but making time to take care of your teeth and gums will add immeasurable value to your life. Here are some things that happen when you don’t have your teeth cleaned regularly.

  • Plaque turns to tartar in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, and flossing and brushing alone don’t remove tartar.
  • Cavities may go unnoticed for too long.
  • Loose fillings may be undetected.
  • Gum disease can go undetected.
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What Happens at a Routine Preventative Dental Visit?

When you visit your dentist for routine dental care, here’s what will happen.

  • Visual inspection and examination: Your dental team will do a comprehensive assessment of your entire mouth, noting the problem areas that your dentist needs to inspect more closely.
  • Tartar and plaque removal: Plaque can build up and turn into tartar in some mouth areas. The dental team will use a scaler to remove this.
  • Tooth polishing: Once your teeth are cleaned, the technicians will polish your teeth with toothpaste using a high-powered device. Your teeth will be spotless and bright.

Routine Dental Visit Benefits in Burlington, Ontario

Are you ready to schedule your routine dental appointment? Dr. Thelam Nguyen and the team at Tansley Woods Dentistry in Burlington, Ontario, are here to answer your oral health and care questions. Give us a call at (289) 273-4289 or request an appointment online today.

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Dr. Thelam Nguyen
Dr. Thelam Nguyen

Dr. Thelam Nguyen, a distinguished dental professional, combines a solid educational background with over two decades of dedicated practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry. Dr. Nguyen's expertise extends to Implant Dentistry, Periodontal Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Adult Orthodontics. He is a respected member of prestigious dental organizations, embodying a patient-centered approach at Tansley Woods Dentistry.