What are the Costs Associated with the Six Month Smiles Process?

Six Month Smile Process at Tansley Woods Dentistry in Burlington Area

Dr. Thelam Nguyen and the team at Tansley Woods Dentistry in Burlington are offering patients seeking an answer to teeth that are misaligned or crooked an alternative to traditional metal braces. This solution, called Six Month Smiles, is a truly transformative treatment system designed to discreetly and comfortably improve patients’ smiles. This revolutionary treatment system utilizes a proven process in transforming smiles at an affordable price. Six Month Smiles is an excellent option for teens and adults alike for a number of reasons, some of which we will discuss here.


Like many dental treatments, Six Month Smiles is not precisely what you would call cheap, but it is quite affordable compared to traditional braces and the costs associated. This is especially true when comparing to other teeth straightening solutions. This affordability is due to the nature of the Six Month Smiles treatment, which is meant to treat the front of the smile only with a much shorter treatment time than traditional braces. The 6 Month Smile treatment system, on average, will cost patients $4500 to $5500 out of pocket, unless your dental insurance will cover some of the cost. You will need to check with your dental provider for more details on what they will or will not cover.

Factors Behind Cost

The ultimate cost you end up paying for your Six Month Smiles treatment is dependent on several factors. One of these factors is the severity of the treatment you require. Because of the treatment’s shorter duration, Six Month Smiles braces and aligners treat a narrower scope of conditions. Since the treatment timeline is more straightforward than some other options, the treatment may not be ideal for severe cases. Instead, Six Month Smiles treatment is best for mild to moderate cases.

6 Month SmileⓇ Treatment Image

6 Month SmileⓇ Treatment before after at Tansley Woods Dentistry Burlington, ON Area

Another factor to consider in the cost is whether you will wear aftercare retainers. Once the Six Month Smiles treatment is complete, you will have a straight and beautiful smile you can be proud of. If you wish to keep that smile, you will probably want to consider aftercare retainers. This is a good idea due to your teeth’ natural tendency to shift back to their previous position gradually. These retainers could add a bit to the overall cost of the treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about what the Six Month Smiles treatment can offer to you in Burlington, you should reach out to Dr. Thelam Nguyen today at Tansley Woods Dentistry. For an appointment, simply call (289) 273-4289 today!

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