What to Expect from Recovery Following a Soft Tissue Graft

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Have you seen your dentist recently only to learn that you need a soft tissue graft? There is no need to panic. Soft tissue grafts are more common than you think and will restore the protection your teeth currently lack due to gum recession. If you want to restore and enhance your smile in the Burlington, Ontario area, you should consider visiting Tansley Woods Dentistry. Dr. Thelam Nguyen would love to explain what a soft tissue graft is and what you can expect from your recovery from this restorative dental procedure.

Receding gums affect so many people around the world and can cause damage to your tooth’s supporting bone structure. A soft tissue graft can prevent this damage from occurring.

What is a Soft Tissue Graft?

Soft tissue grafts are available in three types, with the most common being the one we will look at here – a connective tissue graft. This type of graft requires a small flap of skin to be taken from the roof of your mouth. This skin is then used to protect the exposed portion of your tooth. This is accomplished by the skin being stitched in place. Once this skin is in place, it will require some time to heal. What results is that your gum line is restored to where it should be to provide the necessary protection to your tooth’s root.

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Actual Soft Tissue Grafting Before And After Results

Recovery from a Soft Tissue Graft

A soft tissue graft is a single appointment process, and you will be discharged from your dentist the same day. Arrangements may be required for you to get home depending on the form of anesthesia you and your dentist agreed on for this process. Your dentist will provide specific instructions regarding what food and drink you can have and brushing instructions. You will need to avoid brushing the area of the gum line where the procedure took place while it heals. You may be provided with a special rinse to use, which will help control plaque while your ability to brush is limited. After a couple of weeks, you should be able to eat most soft foods but will still need to avoid harder foods while your recovery completes.

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Discomfort could depend on the soft tissue graft performed, but you should not experience sharp or unbearable pain. Within 24 hours, you should be able to return to work and other daily activities. To schedule an appointment at Tansley Woods Dentistry, please call (289) 273-4289 today!

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