Brighten Your Smile with Expert Teeth Whitening in Burlington, ON

Your smile starts the conversation, and many patients find themselves wanting to make sure they are putting their best look forward. Staining and yellowing can affect teeth for many reasons, including drinking common drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, or others that have a dark coloring. Your teeth can also accumulate stains and yellow hues as a typical result of age. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to live with unsightly stains or discoloration. With safe, effective teeth whitening, you can brighten your smile.

Dr. Thelam Nguyen offers expert teeth whitening services at Tansley Woods Dentistry, and his office is in Burlington, ON. He has years of expertise working with patients on a wide range of aesthetic and health-related issues, and he can help you get the best possible results while making sure to take care of your teeth and not harm their enamel.

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening Services in Burlington

With Dr. Nguyen, every treatment starts with a conversation. You and he will discuss your goals, and together you’ll determine the best course of treatment.

For patients who want whiter, brighter teeth, teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment when done correctly and under a professional’s supervision. Dr. Nguyen can answer any questions you might have, and he’ll explain the process so you are aware and prepared every step of the way.

Teeth whitening isn’t the same for every patient. It depends on your goals, how severe the staining is, and what you are comfortable with. Dr. Nguyen will help you understand what is possible and the range of options available to you. He will tailor treatment to suit your needs, and he’ll monitor your progress along the way, making sure that you get the best possible results.

Tansley Woods Dentistry - Teeth Whitening

Hi, my name is Ash. I am the dental hygienist at Tansley Woods Dentistry.
One of our goals for our patients is to help them achieve their whitest, brightest smile. We offer three types of whitening:

  1. Zoom whitening in the office which allows you to brighten your smile up to five shades in 45 minutes
  2. We provide custom trays so you can whiten at home in 10 days, and
  3. We have a take-home professional-grade whitening pen which allows you to whiten wherever and whenever you want.

I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment so we can discuss which option is best for you.

Teeth whitening is done in several ways. Some treatments can be offered in Dr. Nguyen’s office, while you can take others home. Some cases may require a combination of both. For take-home kits, Dr. Nguyen will prepare a special tray tailored to fit your bite, which will hold in place a prescription whitening gel. He’ll talk you through the process and make sure you’re comfortable administering the gel yourself. You will also come into the office periodically throughout your treatment so he can make sure you’re getting the best possible results.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Many products at the pharmacy boast of their teeth whitening capabilities; however, these are not always what they seem. With some products, the effect is very mild. Others may use harsh chemicals that can damage your enamel, making it easier to accumulate stains in the future. So, it’s essential that when you’re using any chemical that can alter your appearance to consult with a professional.

Dr. Nguyen has years of experience successfully and safely whitening patients’ teeth. He can help make sure the process gets good results while protecting your teeth from future stains. He excels at smiles and will help you unlock the brightest, healthiest-looking version of yours.

To make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen and how he can help you, call Tansley Woods Dentistry at (289) 273-4289.