The Importance Of A New Patient Exam

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The most essential and beneficial appointment at my clinic is the New Patient Exam. A Core part my dentistry philosophy is centered around complete oral care. Many years of my experience go into the diagnostic process, I prepare a long term treatment plan, present and discuss this treatment plan with the patient before we even begin clinical treatment with the patient’s consent. Because of this, it cannot be a quick in and out appointment. It’s never a “quick cleaning” or a “quick filling”. I cannot provide the best possible oral care for you without meeting you, properly diagnose, and recommend a treatment plan that aligns with your needs, your wants, and your goals. “I just need a quick cleaning” is never good enough at my clinic. It’s never good enough for me, and it should never be good enough for you!

If this resonates with your dental philosophy, we are accepting new patients, and I am excited to meet you.

Thelam Nguyen DDS, FICOI

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