Smile of the Month

February 2023

Roland Shamel

Here is a great multi-step smile makeover to share with everyone this February. Meet my young patient Roland. Roland came to see me with a few fractured and broken back molar teeth. The truth is he was never happy with his smile in general.  My initial exam shows that Roland’s upper and anterior teeth are worn, and his overall bite was misaligned.

Roland was extremely motivated, so we got to work right away. My philosophy is always to bring my patient back to good oral health, so the priority is to take care of broken teeth. A crown was placed for the one I could save, and the one we couldn’t save was extracted; the site was grafted with bone, and an implant was placed.   Due to his uneven gum line, we performed a crown lengthening process to achieve a straight gum line across his smile line.

To prevent future teeth from getting more worn down and breakage, Roland began his Invisalign treatment to straighten out his misaligned teeth.  This process took 7 months to complete, and now we have a perfect canvas to start beautifying.  I placed porcelain veneers across his upper anterior teeth to achieve that dazzling and healthy smile, and now Roland can’t stop smiling.

I hope by seeing all the steps involved; you will appreciate the effort from both the patient and me that goes on behind the scene of a smile makeover.  It is a serious commitment and investment, but I can assure you the end results are a lifetime worthwhile.

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