Smile of the Month March 2023

A great story to sip your coffee with today.

Not all my work is about glamorous smile makeovers. Often it’s helping someone out of extreme pain and getting back their basic necessity to function properly orally.

My patient here had extreme dental fear and avoided the dentist for her whole adult life.  She came in with a broken front tooth, and multiple failed adjacent teeth.

But her anxiety didn’t allow us to go full speed to treatment. We had to slowly get her comfortable with the idea of seeing me and receiving dental work from my team and me.  Dental fear is real, and it affects so many adults.  Oftentimes, it’s a repeating cycle of avoiding care due to fear, resulting in even more complicated dentistry.

We took our time with this patient and made sure we communicated our intent very clearly. We were honest about the level of discomfort and made sure expectations were fulfilled. We started with gum surgery and completed it with a porcelain crown-bridge combination.  This was the least invasive route, and she was most comfortable with it.

Look at us now, we did it, and here we are celebrating!

This one case was very rewarding for me personally. I witnessed a complete transformation in my patient mentally, emotionally, and clinically. She is now seeing the value of self-care and self-worth. She is now seeing us on a regular basis to upkeep her most valuable asset, her self-esteem.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, please contact my team and me. We know it’s real, and we can help & Start your journey toward the smile you have always wanted!

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