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Smile Teeth Straightening in Burlington ON area

Many people think that orthodontics means years of wearing metal braces, so it doesn’t come as a surprise Six Month Smiles in Burlington, Ontario, has attracted a lot of interest. As the name suggests, this accelerated orthodontic system straightens your smile in around six months!

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How Six Month Smiles Works

Conventional teeth straightening with traditional braces takes 18-24 months to complete. Usually, this happens because both the front and back teeth need to be aligned to achieve an optimal bite.

However, not all patients require comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Many patients are only concerned with the alignment of their front teeth. If you have a perfect bite but are unhappy with the alignment of the front teeth, Six Month Smiles is an ideal solution.

Six Month Smiles only focuses on the front teeth to improve aesthetics. Because this teeth straightening system moves a portion of your teeth and doesn’t affect the bite, it’s no wonder it can straighten your teeth with speed. While not every patient achieves their goals in six months, the average treatment time varies between four to nine months. 

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Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Are you considering Six Month Smiles to perfect your smile? You are on the right track. This accelerated orthodontic system offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Speed: No one wants to spend months or years wearing metal braces. Six Month Smiles can help you achieve your results in six months or less
  • Discreetness: Six Month Smiles uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets that blend seamlessly with your smile. This orthodontic system helps you achieve your dream smile without drawing unnecessary attention to the world
  • Affordable: Because of its speed, Six Month Smiles means fewer dental visits, making your overall treatment cheaper than Invisalign or traditional braces

Six Month Smiles is suitable for mildly crooked, gapped, or overcrowded front teeth. However, if you have complex misalignment issues or want to change how your teeth bite together (occlusion), you may need to consider traditional braces or clear aligner therapy.

Discover the amazing results of Six Month Smiles

If Six Month Smiles sounds excellent for you, it’s time to take the first step towards perfecting your smile. 

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Dr. Thelam Nguyen

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