Transform the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dentistry options in Burlington, ON

For a long time in history, dental care was focused primarily on restoring and maintaining the health of people’s teeth and gums. However, as patients have become more diligent about their oral health care over the last few decades, more attention has shifted cosmetic dentistry options for improving the appearance of smiles have become increasingly popular. At Tansley Woods Dentistry, providing preventive care and helping you achieve your best oral health is still the cornerstone of our Burlington, ON practice, but we also understand the value of a terrific smile! We use the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, precision, and artistry to help unveil your most beautiful smile while still preserving what makes it uniquely yours.

Cosmetic dental services

Like all care we provide at Tansley Woods Dentistry, cosmetic dental services are highly customized and tailored to each individual patient’s current oral health needs and desired results. We provide a wide array of treatments that can help you achieve a smile that you are proud to show off to others:

  • Teeth whitening: Few things can rapidly change your smile like teeth whitening! Bright, white teeth signal to others that you are full of health and vitality. We offer both in-office whitening and take-home treatments to help you quickly, safely, and effectively whiten your teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers: Cosmetic dental veneers made of today’s durable and natural-looking dental porcelain are incredibly versatile and can hide a number of cosmetic imperfections, such as permanent stains, gaps, crooked teeth, misshapen or oddly sized teeth, and more.
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings and crowns: Sometimes, one of the best things you can do to transform your smile’s appearance is to treat any underlying disease or decay. Using tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, and other restorative treatments, Dr. Nguyen addresses areas of decay with restorations that blend in seamlessly with your smile.
  • Gum recontouring: If you have suffered from gum recession, or conversely, have a “gummy” smile, Dr. Nguyen can recontour your gum line with gum grafting or gum recontouring treatments.
  • Tooth replacement options: If you are missing one or more teeth, it can not only affect the way you smile appears, but also your overall facial contours. With durable and natural-looking tooth replacements such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures, you can regain confidence in how you eat, speak, and smile again.
  • Complete smile makeover: Dr. Nguyen uses an in-depth planning process to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted through a custom-designed set of treatments that improve both the health and appearance of your whole smile.

Stop hiding your smile and call Tansley Woods Dentistry to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options today! Our Burlington, ON office can be reached at (289) 273-4289.

Actual Patients Before and After Results

Jenn was an Olympian synchronized swimmer, and her commitment to her profession has caused her teeth to experience erosions over the years.
We started with an aesthetic gum surgery to restore the symmetry of the upper arch.
We placed an implant and crown and completed the smile makeover with porcelain veneers.
The progress took four months and improved at each appointment.

Porcelain Veneers at Tansley Woods Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers at Tansley Woods Dentistry
Do you want to change your tooth's size, color, or shape? Dr. Thelam Nguyen of Tansley Woods Dentistry talks about how porcelain veneers can help achieve it. Watch the video to learn more.

What are Porcelain Veneers and the problems they fix?

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures at Tansley Woods Dentistry is porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are a dental procedure that can fix teeth that are not aligned right, not correctly shaped, and mask discolored or dark teeth.

If the patient has a lot of attrition and dental wear from aging, veneers can be a good method to enhance the patient’s look cosmetically.

What is the process of placing veneers?

On your first appointment, we prepare your teeth by taking an impression, and we will do a temporary smile that you are going to go home with.

This is the test drive for your final smile. At this stage, we will make minor adjustments to how you would like your smile and get the lab to fabricate your porcelain veneers.

At your second appointment, 2-3 weeks later, we will insert the porcelain veneers onto your teeth.

The shells will be spotted permanently, and they will look and feel exactly like your teeth but with a beautiful smile.

Call us today at Tansley Woods Dentistry to get the perfect smile you always wanted.

What our Patients Say

" Beverley Coleman ~ Beverley Coleman

The entire team at Tansley Woods Dentistry are exceptional and caring. I have always had anxieties about attending my dentist appointments. Dr. Nguyen has exceeded my expectations. He takes the time to explain every procedure and alternate options. He took the time on a weekend to check on my recovery after my dental procedure. I trust Dr. Nguyen and his team for all my dental needs and don't plan on going anywhere else.

Dr. Thelam Nguyen
Dr. Thelam Nguyen

Dr. Thelam Nguyen, a distinguished dental professional, combines a solid educational background with over two decades of dedicated practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry. Dr. Nguyen's expertise extends to Implant Dentistry, Periodontal Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Adult Orthodontics. He is a respected member of prestigious dental organizations, embodying a patient-centered approach at Tansley Woods Dentistry.